TACCLE1 and TACCLE2 projects – promoting teachers’ capability to create digital contents and use web resources

The first TACCLE project developed a generic handbook for teachers (in general) to familiarise themselves with digital media and web tools of that time (2007-2009). The choice to produce a hard copy handbook was not self-evident, but turned out to be the right one. Teachers preferred to have a book that they could explore – rather than searching through the websites of that time. Also, the texts were written in the style of teachers (from the users’ point of view) rather than in the style of technical experts or researchers. Now, many years after the project has been completed, the project website has been reshaped to inform of the TACCLE books and of the TACCLE courses that continue the work,


The second TACCLE project worked as a web-based project. It focused on different subject areas or teacher groups, such as STEM (in German MINT), Humanities, Creative and performing arts, Core skills and Primary education. The project worked with teachers from the participating countries and produced handbooks to be downloaded from the web. And as was the case with the first project, the second one was accompanied by TACCLE courses that made it possible for other teachers to benefit from the ongoing work. The project is documented on the website that also has active news sections:


The third TACCLE project is working with primary education teachers that are teaching computing, coding and programming for children between 4 and 14 years. The project is using a single website that supports multiple languages: