Digital Media, Web Tools & Training of Trainers – Overview of current projects alongside TACCLE4-CPD

This overview is an interim product of the EU-funded project TACCLE4-CPD “Strategies, Models and Tools for Continuing Professional Development for Teachers in e-Learning”. The acronym TACCLE stands for “Teachers’ aids for creating content for learning environments”. TACCLE4 is already a fourth European project in the TACCLE project family. The abbreviation ‘CPD’ stands for different forms of continuing professional development. And the expression e-Learning should be understood as an inclusive concept – taking into account multimedia learning, blended learning, online learning, mobile learning in different variations. (Below the first main section will give insights into the development of the TACCLE projects.)

In the TACCLE4 project other partners from Wales, Belgium and Romania will work with the theme ‘continuing professional development’ focusing on teachers in general schools or adult education. The task of ITB is to cover the field of vocational education and training (VET) – taking into account teachers and trainers. (Below, one of the subsections will give insights into the plans of ITB.)

In this phase it is interesting that there are already several European and national projects in which ITB researchers work with the themes “Digital media, Web tools & Training of trainers”. Therefore, it is worthwhile to map a situation and to provide an overview of the project environment in which the TACCLE4-CPD is the newest actor. By producing this overview we try to facilitate mutual exchanges and learning from each other.

Below, the first main section gives insights into the previous TACCLE projects and into the plans for the current one. The following main sections will present a group picture of the neighbouring projects with reference to their contexts, target groups and research & development challenges.

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