Bringing the TACCLE approach to the field of VET – taking the results of earlier projects on board

The work in the earlier TACCLE projects has emphasised the needs and priorities of school teachers. In this respect the experience of ITB in the Learning Layers project brings into picture a complementary perspective. At an early stage of the project a TACCLE-type of Multimedia training was essential in getting the interested trainers (of the training centre Bau-ABC) inspired in developing their own multimedia competences. However, in the next phase (implemented as the ‘Theme Room’ training campaign, it was essential to work with such examples of digital media and such competences that the trainers could use in their own training. This experience and the materials that were used has been documented in the parallel moodle overview “The ‘Theme Room’ training in Bau-ABC Rostrup”, see (and use the guest login):

After these training campaigns the main result of the Learning Layers’ Construction pilot – the Learning Toolbox (LTB) reached a mature stage. The LTB was shaped as an integrative toolset to be programmed with a laptop or stationary computer and to be used with mobile devices. For the Bau-ABC trainers the LTB provided the possibility to program their instructions for apprentices’ projects, to add web documents, quiz-links, checklists and reporting tools – and to maintain communication with their groups. Also, in addition to the trade-specific training, the trainers started to work with cross-cutting themes, such as ‘health and safety’ and support for language learning alongside training. The experiences with the initial development of the LTB and with its further use are developed in a parallel moodle overview “Learning Toolbox (LTB) pilot and follow-up (2014 – …)”, see (and use the guest login):

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