Taccle CPD Roadmap Draft: Continuing Professional Development

Road Map 3






Professional Development

Teacher Awareness and Participation

Some teachers
have undertaken CPD in ICT

All teachers
are aware of the CPD opportunities on offer.
Many teachers have participated in CPD training

The majority
of staff have undertaken individual or whole school CPD in ICT

Teachers meet
their professional development needs through active participation in
communities of practice, peer-to-peer networks and accredited practice-based


individuals identify their own CPD needs

An individual
teacher or the e-learning team identify the whole staff CPD needs in relation
to ICT integration

co-ordinating teacher or the e-learning team facilitates the identification
of overall learning needs of staff. CPD programme developed

engage in ongoing self evaluation and reflective practice in progressing the
CPD programme


CPD focussed
on acquiring basic ICT skills

Some staff are
participating in CPD which focuses on the integration of ICT in the

Most staff
have engaged in CPD focussed on e-learning across the curriculum

identify and design whole school professional development programmes based on
their specific needs, delivered in their own school with support from
external agencies when needed.

Teacher confidence

Teachers have
basic IT skills but lack the confidence to apply these in the classroom

There is
growing confidence among staff in the integration of ICT in the curriculum

The majority
of teachers is confident in the
integration of ICT in their daily teaching

Teachers share
their expertise and innovative practices confidently within their own school
and with other schools.


Some staff
have attended CPD programmes for ICT with SEN

All teachers
in learning support and SEN have undertaken CPD in ICT and SEN

Teachers have
acquired the skills to use some assistive technologies and other technologies
to support pupils with SEN and are adapting their teaching methodologies to
use ICT in SEN. Teachers have attended CPD training in specific areas e.g

Teachers are
confident and have acquired the skills to use a wide range of technologies to
facilitate the inclusion of pupils with special educational needs

Informal learning

There is
little sharing of e-learning ideas and good practice among staff

e-learning ideas and good practice among staff takes place in an informal

regularly share new e-learning practice with each other via staff meetings or

supports and facilitates peer-to-peer learning in ICT using a variety of
formal (e.g VLE) and informal approaches


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