Taccle CPD Roadmap Draft: Curriculum









ICT in the Curriculum


Teachers have
a general understanding of how
e-learning can improve teaching and learning

A number of
teachers understand creative ways of integrating ICT into the curriculum

Most teachers
understand how e-learning can be used in the curriculum to improve student


Teachers have
determined their own methodologies for integrating ICT into the curriculum


The is little
planning for ICT integration with ICT activities focused on learners
acquisition of basic IT skills e.g word processing

There is some
planning for ICT integration with the focus mainly on teacher preparation,
whole class teaching, group and individual work


Teachers plan
in a structured way for ICT integration in their lessons and classroom

The school
devotes time to exploring new approaches to using e-learning to improve pupil

Teacher Use

Teachers use
computers primarily in isolation from regular classroom learning activity

Teachers use
ICT for lesson planning and as a teaching tool

Teachers use
ICT to provide learning opportunities that support cross-curricular, subject
based and interactive learning approaches

Teachers have
embedded ICT into their practice to facilitate pupil-directed learning. There
is consistent evidence of collaborative, discovery based and authentic
e-learning activities throughout the school



occasionally use ICT as part of the learning process

experience e-learning activities regularly

experience e-learning activities regularly and use ICT to collaborate on
curriculum activities both within school and with other schools


Pupils are
facilitated to use ICT to support and assess their learning e.g creating
digital content, e-portfolios


Teachers are
aware that ICT can enhance the learning opportunities of pupils with special
educational needs

Teachers’ use
of ICT focuses on the development of literacy and numeracy for pupils with special
educational needs

Teachers use
ICT diagnostic tools,. assistive technologies and ICT resources to address
curriculum objectives with pupils with SEN

ICT is
integral to all aspects of SEN teaching and learning as well as in the
development of IAP. ICT resources and assistive technologies are incorporated
into all levels of school planning






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