Taccle CPD: Roadmap Draft – Leadership and Planning

As part of the Taccle CPD project, we are producing a Roadmap with criteria and rubrics that will enable institutional managers and other agencies to measure institutional progress.

The draft of the Roadmap has five sections:

  1. Leadership and planning
  2. Curriculum
  3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Culture

This post contains the draft for Leadership and planning – subsequent posts will contain the others sections

The Roadmap is designed for self assessment against four stages in institutional development:

  • Initial
  • e-enabled
  • e-confident
  • e-mature

It is designed to allow institution to development evaluate and monitor their progress towards e-maturity

The draft Roadmap is published here as part of the consultation exercise we are presently undertaking. We welcome feedback on how useful you feel such a tool should be or any modifications or additions you think would be useful.

R. Map 1





Leadership and planning


Vision focuses mainly on ICT equipment.

le-Learning vision is developed by e-Learning Team

le-Learning vision is fully integrated into the whole school vision.

e-Learning vision is wide ranging and
shared by all stakeholders. It is actively tested through the pupil learning



Basic ICT Plan is in place.

e-Learning Plan has been developed by
e-Learning team

One teacher or a group of teachers has
assumed leadership for ICT planning in the school

Comprehensive e-Learning Plan is
integral to the whole school plan.

The development of the plan is led by
Head / ICT co-ordinating teacher / e-Learning Team,
with all staff contributing and whole school acceptance. Designated ICT co-ordinating teacher with clearly defined duties and

Teachers implement the e-Learning Plan
in their daily work. Staff & students are actively engaged in innovative
and exemplary practice.



Focus is mainly on ICT equipment and the
acquisition of basic ICT skills

Focus is mainly on supporting the integration
of ICT usage throughout the school.


Focus is mainly on supporting more comprehensive
integration of ICT and the exploration of new and more effective approaches
to ICT integration

Focus is mainly on supporting and
facilitating personalised and self-directed



Acceptable Use policy

School has developed an Acceptable Use

Policy for the Internet or has signed up
to LEA policy

School has developed its own AUP
following consultation with staff, pupils, parents, governors

School has developed and ratified an AUP
for Internet and ICT use following consultations with staff, students, and
parents. All stakeholders are familiar with its contents and the plan is
fully implemented.

The AUP accommodates innovative use of
new technologies, and facilitates the development of an ethical and
responsible approach to the use of these technologies.



Support of ICT as a tool for learning in
special educational needs exists but is uncoordinated

Use of ICT is focused on the areas of
learning support and resource teaching.

School supports and encourages the use
of a wide range of ICT resources and assistive technologies throughout the
school to facilitate the inclusion of students with special educational needs


School includes use of ICTand assistive technologies in all Individual Educational
Plans (IEP) for students with special educational needs and uses ICT in all
aspects of SEN


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