Taccle CPD Roadmap Draft: Infrastructure






e-learning Infrastruture

Planning for the
acquisition of resources

Basic level of planning
for ICT purchasing exists

Some level of ICT purchase
takes place, including
of ICT equipment, use of mobiles, laser
printers and purchasing with warranty.

Procurement planning and
standardisation of ICT equipment takes place. Older computers are disposed of

There is an integrated
approach to IT procurement which takes into account full operating costs of
ICT equipment and technical support provision

LAN and broadband

A network exists through at
least some areas of the school.

School is connected to the internet through
LEA broadband provision.
Internet access is distributed through the Local Area Network.

Most rooms and computers are
connected to the school network, facilitating access to online and network

A high speed and reliable wifi network
extends to all areas of the school. All computers are connected to the
network facilitating access to online
and locally based server resources.

Resources are accessible from a
central server dedicated to learning and teaching. All teachers and pupils have secure access
to server space, and their e-portfolio, from within the school and remotely.

Technical support

Technical support is carried
using mainly voluntary assistance. Occasionally a technician is paid to carry
out urgent work.

Technical Support is provided
by an
external company on a call-out basis as required. No technical support
is in place.

Technical support is factored
into procurement planning, all equipment is purchased with an appropriate
warranty. Formal

support contract with Service Level Agreement
(SLA) is in place with an external provider.

Technical support is planned
integrated with ICT procurement planningandtakesintoaccountfullICT
operating costs.

Software and digital

Limited e-learning resources
are available. Central licensing agreements are used

The school has a range of
appropriate learning resources to support learning
at all levels.

There is easy access to
appropriate digital content that teachers have
catalogued by subject/curriculum area.

The school creates its own customisable
digital content is accessible from home and school.

ICT equipment

Some classrooms have desktop
computers. A laptop and portable projector, printer and digital camera are
available as shared resources.

Some rooms have digital
projectors and computers. Peripherals, such as digital
l cameras and scanners are used
e-learning activities.

All learning areas have access
to a range of ICT equipment including digital
l projectors and
wirelessly-enabled tablet
PC’s. Laptop trolleys are used to improve access to resources.

All learning areas have access
to a range
l of ICT
equipment. Provision is made for
the incorporation of students’ mobile


It is unclear whether all software in school is properly licensed

The school is developing a
l licensing
programme for the applications installed on the school’s equipment.

The school has a log of all
l for
software and applications in use throughout the school.

The school ensures that all new l installations of
hardware and software
meet the required licensing standards.



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