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Introduction to Coding and Programming in Primary Schools 

These resources are designed to be used by teacher trainers or for teacher CPD courses. We have tried and tested all of the Taccle workshops with teachers across Europe as part of the Taccle projects.

Here we share our aims, objectives, and resources. You are free to use and repurpose the materials under the cc license at the bottom of the site.

course for Foundation Phase and KS2 teachers

Aims of the workshop

  • To introduce teachers to some of the basic concepts they will have to teach to deliver the new curriculum
  • To provide ideas, materials and activities they can use in the classroom.
  • To reassure teachers that they CAN do this!


Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop teachers will be able to:

  • Explain any unfamiliar terminology in the computing curriculum in a way that is appropriate for the age they teach.
  • List some key principles for teaching coding /control technologies to children.
  • Discuss some alternative schemes of work and examine issues such as progression, differentiation, assessment.
  • Recognise how things that they do already can be integrated or adapted and used to deliver the computing curriculum.
  • Implement at least 3 entry – level lessons for either Foundation or KS2 on each of the following topics: Logical thinking, Understanding Algorithms, Creating and Debugging Programmes, Controlling Things.
  • List some of the basic equipment they will need or would be useful.
  • Explore and evaluate a range of software.
  • Learn how to use a Makey Makey and use simple robots.


Target group

Primary teachers who have little or no experience of coding and programming but who will be delivering the new Computing curriculum.



The course will be hands-on and workshop based. There will be no input session longer than 10 minutes and teachers will be guided through the same experiential processes that they can adapt for working with children in their own classroom.  No prior knowledge of programming is necessary and the level of computer literacy required is no more than is required to teach the current ICT curriculum in primary schools to KS2.


Resources (click below, redirects to Taccle3 website)

An Introduction to Coding for Younger Children.