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Developing Technology Enhanced Learning in Adult Education

The aim of this project – TACCLE4 CPD – has been to support continuing professional development of teachers and trainers to enhance their digital competences. It does so by developing strategies and training concepts for education and training managers, curriculum developers and training providers.  

The focus of the TACCLE4CPD project was primarily on compulsory education but throughout the development of strategies and tools implications and potential for Adult Education were explored.

Technology Enhanced Learning and the creation and use of digital media has been slow to make an impact in adult education. In many countries there is very little in the way of CPD for adult education teachers in general compared with teachers in the school sector. This is in part due to the high proportion of Adult Education teachers who are part time or who are teaching Leisure / Liberal Arts / Hobby classes that do not lead to examinations or formal certification. Adult education is notoriously underfunded in most countries which makes investment in CPD even less likely. However, this also means that training can have a high impact in Adult Education.

Contributions of TACCLE4 CPD to Adult Education

The TACCLE4 CPD reports for the field of VET include the following themes: 

Developing a Quality Culture in blended Adult Education

As blended learning is becoming increasingly important in Adult Education, quality assurance has become a focal concern. Quality, in Blended Learning, highly depends on the training of teachers, including their training in the use of ICT.

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Developing TEL in Adult Education

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