About IO4: Developing Technology Enhanced Learning in Vocational Education and Training

The aim of this work is to produce a report with recommendations for the applicability and transference of the project outcomes to VET. It will also include adapted versions of the key deliverables if they are felt to be appropriate.

Technology Enhanced Learning and the creation and use of digital media has been slow to make an impact in traditional apprentice training schools and apart from commercially produced and copyrighted media in specific subject areas there is not a lot of generic material to support the training of VET trainers.

We expect the imapct will vary across industrial sectors. As part of the Learning Layers project, one of the Taccle Trainers delivered a workshop for 12 trainers at a Construction training centre. It was the first time any of them had created multi media materials or used social media for learning. They asked for follow up training and after six workshops they developed their own in-house CPD programme using peer support and skills exchange models. This showed that the training is transferable and on that occasion had a huge impact. On that basis we are expecting a impact in terms of awareness raising and creating interest in the potential of digital technologies for learning.

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