About IO2: Digital Technology in the Classroom – A handbook for teacher trainers

The hand book will contain descriptions and comparisons of different modes and delivery models for Continuing Professional Development designed to promote the adoption and use of digital technologies in the classroom. It will also look at how teachers competences can be developed so that they are in a position to help primary teachers deliver the new curriculum requirements with respect to ICT. It will contain case studies, examples of good practice, specimen programmes etc together with practical suggestions and tips.

There is a considerable body of work around training trainers and teachers, and a smaller but significant number of publications on training teachers to use technology for learning. However, almost all of them are academic papers or research reports. We will take that research together with the experiences of expert trainers in the field and translate it into a practical handbook for professionals who have to design, organise and deliver CPD opportunities and other training events for teachers.

We will also test the handbook in the Vocational Education and Training and Adult education sectors.

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