The MeMoApp project: Promoting media competences for working and learning with the support of mobile devices and apps (BMBF)

This description is based on a discussion between the author and Michael Sander (ITB). The author is responsible for the written content.

The MeMoApp project focuses on the increasing digitisation in the work of professional drivers (in particular in long distance transport) and on the need to support the media-competences of the drivers. Here the project works with the development of mobile apps and with training to promote the media competences. The project is led by the neighbouring university institute Ifib and supported by ITB. In addition, the project has four application partners recommended by the branch organisations, a web agency (responsible for tools development and programming) and two associate partners (for initial and continuing vocational training).

The project concept envisaged a long phase of initial analyses including interviews with the drivers, management representatives and the clients. In this phase the project has developed a specific understanding for the work processes, development potentials and for pain points. With the help of the analyses the mobile app has been developed into prototype that consists of two main sections:

  • The information section (mainly based on Google maps & navigation guides)
  • The Wiki-section (that contains the learning contents).

The analyses continue to shape a structure of the fields of activity (support for the media competence training and for presenting the key themes). In this context the associate partners will develop their own pedagogic solutions.

Concerning the relations between the MeMoApp and the Learning Toolbox (LTB) we concluded that they can be considered as neighbouring approaches. Given the trade-specific boundary conditions and risks, the role of user-generated content is rather limited in the MeMoApp (as a contrast to the LTB). Yet, the initial contacts have been made and there is an interest in mutual exchanges

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