The INTAGT project: Integration of preventive ‘health and safety’ work into training for occupations related to “Industry 4.0” (BMBF)

This description is based on a discussion between the author and Claudia Fenzl (ITB). The author is responsible for the written content.

The INTAGT project is looking for a conceptual synthesis between preventive work psychology (shaping of healthy and stress-free working environments) and pedgagogics of VET (shaping of learning-supporting work environments). Moreover, the project focuses on the emerging tendencies to introduce complex and comprehensive networked industrial/value-creating processes in terms of “Industry 4.0”.

The project consortium involves ITB, IG Metall (Educational policy section) and University of Flensburg (work psychology) as well as companies E-r and AMB (as contracted partners (and H as associate partners). Concerning the educational implications, the project involves a technical school and a vocational school as associate partners.

The project has somewhat different industrial cases regarding the introduction of the techniques, system solutions and process monitoring in terms of Industry 4.0. In this respect the project has carried out work analyses (health risk/stress factors) and work process analyses (the potentials of learning and co-shaping of skilled workers and technicians). In this context the project draws attention to changing risk constellations (from physical and physiological risks to stress) and to different possibilities to promote workplace learning.

In the current phase the project is discussing the interim results of the above mentioned analyses and raising the awareness of the practitioners (trainers and teachers). In the further phases the project will develop working & learning tasks and workshop-concepts (drawing upon the conceptual work and the empirical analyses). Here we identified clear possibilities to work with the Learning Toolbox when the project takes further steps

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